Aggressive Hybrid Fund: Striking a Balance between Risk and Return

Statement of purpose: Our goal is to help investors find a way to strike a balance between the safety of debt funds and the potential for higher returns in equity funds.

End goal: To achieve the status of the top aggressive hybrid fund by maintaining a higher equity allocation compared to other hybrid funds.

Main features and benefits of an Aggressive Hybrid Fund:

Asset Allocation: Aggressive hybrid funds typically maintain a higher equity allocation compared to other hybrid funds like conservative or balanced funds. This asset allocation helps investors to earn higher returns from stocks and stability at the same time with debts.
Risk and Return: As the name suggests, these funds are more aggressive in their investment approach due to the higher exposure to equities. While this increases the potential for higher returns, it also introduces a higher level of risk compared to conservative hybrid funds.
Capital Appreciation: The equity component of aggressive hybrid funds allows investors to participate in the potential growth of the stock market. During bullish phases, these funds tend to perform well and deliver capital appreciation.
Stability: The debt portion of the portfolio provides a degree of stability to the fund's overall performance. It helps in reducing the impact of market volatility and provides a cushion during bearish market conditions.
Suitable for Moderate Risk Profile: Aggressive hybrid funds are considered suitable for investors with moderate risk tolerance. They are willing to accept a certain level of risk in exchange for potentially higher returns.

Invitation to act:

Explore further to learn how Money Marché helps investors to find a balanced investment approach by combining the growth potential of equities with the stability of debt instruments.

About Money Marché Aggressive Hybrid Fund:

Money Marché Aggressive Hybrid Fund aims to provide investors with a combination of both growth potential and income stability, by investing a major chunk of funds in equities and a smaller part in debts.

What are Aggressive Hybrid Funds and Aggressive Hybrid Mutual Funds?

Aggressive hybrid funds, also known as balanced hybrid funds, are a category of mutual funds that invest in a mix of equities and debt instruments. These funds aim to strike a balance between growth and stability by allocating a significant portion of their assets to equities while also holding a portion in debt securities.

A Background and History:

Money Marché Aggressive hybrid funds offer a balanced investment approach by combining the growth potential of equities with the stability of debt instruments. It has an impressive history of building strong relationships, understanding individual needs, and fostering trust through personalized service.   

Fund managers and their Expertise:

Our team’s expertise and experience are at the heart of our approach. Guided by financial professionals, we aim to provide well-informed advice and strategic guidance about investing in Aggressive Hybrid Funds.

Instructions to invest:

Aggressive Hybrid Funds invest a significant portion of their assets in equities (stocks) to provide the potential for capital appreciation, while also allocating a portion to debt securities to offer some stability and income generation.

Investment Beliefs

  • Funds investment approach:

According to S.E.B.I guidelines, equity allocation in these funds typically ranges from 65% to 80% of the total portfolio, while debt allocation ranges from 20% to 35%.


  • The Fundamental Values and Principles:

Our primary goal is to give investors confidence and transparency in working and often extend several commitments when offering Aggressive Hybrid Funds. These commitments are designed to align with the investor’s goals, risk appetite, and the fund’s investment strategy.

Risk Management Plans:

We are committed to serving our clients diligently beginning by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment. This evaluation involves understanding the investor’s risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial goals.

Long-term ambitions and desired results:

Investing in Aggressive Hybrid Funds requires a long-term perspective. We are committed to recommending to our clients that these funds are not meant for short-term gains. Instead, they seek to create value over the medium to long term by participating in market upswings while cushioning the impact of market downturns.

Detailed Investment Strategies:


Our investment strategy is to assess our client’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon before considering aggressive hybrid funds as part of their portfolio.

Types of Assets Targeted:

Money Marché offers one of the Best Aggressive Hybrid Mutual Funds schemes to investors. To determine the best aggressive hybrid funds in India are:

  • We conduct thorough research on market conditions and the effect it has on equities.
  • We check the expense ratio, as lower fees can contribute to better aggressive hybrid funds returns over time.
  • Also, we offer to review the fund’s historical volatility and how it has performed during market downturns.

Asset allocation strategy:

We try to understand the fund’s approach to asset allocation. Funds that have a track record of effectively managing the equity-debt mix to capitalize on market opportunities while managing risk are usually favorable.

Benefits of Aggressive Hybrid Funds with Money Marché:

Money Marché helps you choose the top aggressive hybrid funds by providing many services. Some of them are:

Balanced Risk-Return Profile: Money Marché Aggressive hybrid funds aim to provide investors with the best of both worlds - exposure to equity markets' growth potential and the stability of debt investments.
Flexibility: The flexibility in asset allocation is a crucial aspect of aggressive hybrid funds. Fund managers have the autonomy to increase equity exposure when markets are bullish and reduce it during bearish phases.
Aggressive hybrid fund taxation: Dividends from aggressive hybrid funds are often taxed at a lower rate than interest income from fixed deposits, making them relatively tax-efficient.
Suitability: These funds can appeal to investors who are looking for a middle ground between the potentially higher returns of pure equity funds and the stability of debt funds. They are particularly suited for investors with a moderate risk tolerance who seek capital appreciation but also want some level of income stability.
Mitigating risk: By investing on the debt side in a mix of government securities, corporate bonds, and other fixed-income instruments, helps in mitigating risks associated with concentrated investments and market volatility.

Why should you trust Money Marché with your valuable assets?

Professional Management: These funds are managed by skilled professionals who make asset allocation decisions based on market trends and economic indicators. This expertise can help optimize returns while managing risk.
Transparent Communication: Investors deserve clear and transparent communication about the fund's objectives, asset allocation, historical performance, and associated risks & the fundamental value of our firm is to provide that only.
Comprehensive Risk Assessment: This evaluation involves understanding the investor's risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial goals. This commitment ensures that the Aggressive Hybrid Fund's strategy aligns with the investor's comfort level.
Regular Monitoring and Reporting: Commitment to regular monitoring and reporting ensures that investors stay informed about their investment's progress.

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You can learn more from our asked questions

Aggressive hybrid funds typically invest around 65% to 80% of their portfolio in equities and the remaining 20% to 35% in debt instruments. This allocation can vary based on the fund's strategy and market conditions.

The primary objective of aggressive hybrid funds is to provide a combination of capital appreciation through equity investments and stability through debt investments. They aim to generate relatively higher returns compared to conservative funds while managing risk.

The debt allocation in aggressive hybrid funds helps manage risk by providing stability during market downturns. When equity markets are volatile, the debt component can cushion the impact on the overall portfolio's value.

Yes, aggressive hybrid funds can provide regular income through dividend distributions and interest payments from the debt portion of the portfolio. However, the amount and frequency of dividends can vary based on market conditions and the fund's strategy.

Aggressive hybrid funds have the potential to generate returns that outpace inflation over the long term due to their equity exposure. However, it's important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results, and market conditions can impact returns.

Yes, aggressive hybrid funds are actively managed by professional fund managers who make investment decisions based on market conditions and the fund's objectives. You should always approach investment companies who have good track records like Money Marché.



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