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In the highly competitive Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) market, particularly in developing countries like India, it is important to stay relevant in the market for attracting and retaining top talent. The most significant asset for any small business is its employees. While larger corporations provide benefits like Group Health Insurance to their employees, small businesses are also realizing the advantages of providing health insurance for their employees.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plan to SMEs

A health insurance plan for small businesses helps the company grow and encourages employees to do their best. Here’s why it’s beneficial for small business owners:

Fosters Trust and Loyalty: Small businesses heavily rely on their teams and it is crucial to attract and retain valuable employees dedicated to the company's success. compensation is an important factor, other factors like workplace culture and employee benefits like health insurance are also important in today's competitive job market.
Protection Against Unplanned Expenses: Employee health insurance acts as a security for planned or unexpected hospitalization. By providing group health insurance, employers can motivate employees to perform at their best. Whether your small business employs 10 or more individuals, a group health insurance plan creates an environment that motivates employees and shields them from unforeseen medical crises.
Tax Benefits: In addition to boosting employee confidence and motivation, employee health insurance also provides small businesses with tax advantages. These plans allow businesses to benefit from tax breaks while you make employees financially secure in the face of health issues.

Features of SME Health Insurance Plan with Money March

Here are some features of health insurance policy for small and medium enterprises:

Family Inclusion: Employees can extend coverage to their family members, such as spouses, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law.
Co-Pay Options: This insurance policy offers flexibility with or without co-payment for covering elderly parents and in-laws, accommodating various financial preferences.
In-Patient and Daycare Coverage: It provides coverage for 24-hour in-patient hospitalization due to illnesses or accidents and also covers daycare procedures.
Top-Up Coverage: Employees have the option to choose additional top-up coverage to enhance their existing policy as per their needs.
Floater Benefit: With a single premium, the insured can opt for a floater cover that extends to their entire family, including spouses, dependent children, parents, and in-laws.
Cashless and Reimbursement: Policyholders can enjoy the convenience of cashless treatment at network hospitals and seek reimbursement for medical expenses by submitting the required documents.
Group Size: Even small companies with as few as 7 members, including family members, can offer this insurance to their employees.
Waiver of Waiting Period: One significant advantage is the waiver of waiting periods and time-bound exclusions, which are not included with other insurance policies
No Pre-Insurance Screening: Unlike individual policies, pre-insurance medical screening is not mandatory for SME group health insurance. This feature makes it easier for older individuals with pre-existing conditions to obtain coverage.
Premium Flexibility: The premium amount is based on factors such as the chosen sum insured, additional covers, age, risk factors, city of residence, morbidity, and more.
Addition/Deletion: Unlike some policies, Our Group Health Insurance allows mid-term inclusion for new employees and their family members, such as spouses or newborns, during the policy period.

What is not included in the SME group health insurance policy?

Here is a list of items and services that are not covered by this insurance.

  • Walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Vitamins and tonics.
  • Dental implants.
  • Congenital external anomalies.
  • Non-payables and consumables (e.g., bandages, cotton swabs, and similar supplies).
  • Certain elective cosmetic procedures.
  • Experimental or investigational treatments.
  • Treatment received from non-network providers without authorization.
  • Injuries or illnesses resulting from illegal activities.

Empower Your Employee's Health Journey with Money Marche

Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing Money Marche for SME Group Health Insurance:

Flexible Coverage: We offer policies to match your business's specific needs to ensure that the level of coverage meets your requirements.
Tech-Friendly: Money Marche provides a user-friendly and efficient platform for claims processing. This makes it easier for your employees to navigate and streamline the claim process.
Wide Network: With access to a wide range of hospitals across India, your employees can avail of cashless facilities and medical services conveniently.
In-House Doctors: Money Marche has in-house doctors who can assist with claim settlement. This means that your employees can receive expert guidance and support directly from the insurance provider without the need for third-party administrators (TPAs).
Excellent Claim Settlement Ratio: Money Marche has an industry-best claim settlement ratio to ensure that your employees receive the financial support they need to cover medical expenses.

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Employees can benefit by receiving access to quality healthcare services without incurring substantial out-of-pocket expenses. It offers financial protection and peace of mind in times of illness or injury.

Money Marche offers cost-effective options specifically tailored to the needs and budgets of SMEs. You can find plans that offer a good balance between coverage and affordability.

The claims process involves submitting medical bills and other relevant documents to the insurance provider. The insurer will then assess the claim and reimburse eligible expenses according to the policy terms.

Absolutely! Money Marche is here to guide you through the process of selecting the right SME Health Insurance policy. We can provide personalized advice and assist you in comparing and choosing the most suitable plan for your business.

Group health insurance is designed for businesses and covers multiple employees under a single policy. Individual health insurance is for personal coverage. Group plans offer more affordable rates and additional benefits.

Yes, we offer flexibility to customize your policy. You can adjust coverage levels, add or remove benefits, and choose different co-payment options to create a plan that suits your company's needs.



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